Most people don’t think twice when they get desperate trying to get rid of fleas. In some cases, by using the wrong medicine, you could kill your beloved pet. Read the label before using the product. Some products that are made for dogs are toxic to cats!

There have been several cases where cats have died when owners forgot to read the labels and applied over-the-counter flea products, causing seizures. Now that we have read the warning, here are some medication that has proven to work very well.

First we will look at liquid medication

– Advantage

Advantage come in liquid form for you to apply it to the skin of your cat or dog. Slowly of  a period of 12-24 hours, it is absorbed into the skin of your pet. The great thing is that it will kill fleas in all stages of their life cycle except when the fleas are in larval form. Advantage can kill anything from 98 up to 100% of fleas within 12 hours of application which is an almost immediate effect. Definitely something to keep to provide  relieve to you and your pet.

Due to the fact that Advantage is absorbed into the skin, it means you don’t need to reapply when your pet gets wet either from rain or when you decide to give it a bath.

– Frontline Plus

Frontline Plus is an alternative to Advantage. It is also a liquid medication that is applied to the skin of your pet. Frontline Plus is has the added advantage because of its ability to repel ticks which is great if your pet go outdoors during the hot summer months.

You can read review about both this medication here



Unless you had fleas invade every corner of you home before, getting rid of fleas is not a top priority for most people. Perhaps knowing this will change your perception. Besides losing a few drops of blood and having a terrible itch, fleas can cause Bartonella. What’s the heck is that? Heard about Cat Scratch Disease? It the same thing.

We are not going to discuss Bartonella, you can look it up else where. A quick take of what are the result to your health if you get Bartonella. If your immune system is up to mark, what you’ll get is painful swelling and fever. Ooch!. If your immune system in low, it gets interesting. Your infection can lead to spleen enlargement, and potentially encephalitis, heart valve infection, and other conditions. This is serious stuff!

I never knew about such thing too until I got fleas in my home and searched everywhere to find a solution. And now that you know, don’t take getting rid of fleas likely.

Getting Rid Of Fleas

Most people have a hard time getting rid of fleas, once they make an un-welcomed visit into your home. Once they are in your home, they can torment you to no end, and these pesky little fellas are pretty hard to get rid of. Here are some tips and tricks that I’ve found that work. By the way, starving them won’t work.

Since fleas can be transported from your pet, to your yard and then to your bedroom, getting rid of fleas is so much more effective if you use a systematic approach. This means combining several methods to treat affected areas. Otherwise they can repopulate areas that you have treated earlier.

Here are some tips to remember :-

  • flea problems are usually worst in summer and early fall. Start your prevention methods by late spring
    • besides the adult fleas (which you can see), flea eggs, larvae and pupae are more difficult to find and eliminate. They can be anywhere.
    • control the exterior areas as well . No matter how much time you spend getting rid of fleas in you home, they will get back in if you haven’t treated your yard and other surrounding areas
      • read the label before using any chemical pest control product. If you have young children or pets in the home, think ahead and reduce the chances of exposure to chemicals
        • fleas can survive between two months to a year between meals. Shutting of a room hoping they will die is not effective.

        I came across Flea & Tick Killer which sells a flea killer that is quite safe. Apparently the ingredients are safe enough to be applied to food crops on the same day the crops are harvested. Well I don’t think I’m going to eat the stuff that kills fleas, but it is safe enough to use at home.

        If you have neighbors who are super sensitive to any suggestions or comments, getting rid of fleas can be a touchy subject. All your efforts in getting rid of fleas can come to nought if your a few fleas from your neighbors pet hop over the yard into your yard and you pet. It is a never ending cycle and since fleas are survivors, getting rid of them is going to be an uphill battle. At one point, we were so desperate, we thought of sneaking onto the neighbors yard at night to spray flea poison. But fear of getting caught in the act stopped us. Fortunately help came.

        A friend suggested this method, we tried it and it worked. At first we tried sulfur. It worked but then having yellow colored powder between you and your neighbors yard seemed like marking out a warzone. And sulfur smells. Since the neighbors were already super sensitive people, and instead of getting them mad, we tried sprinkling cedar chips all over the yard. They look are natural and you can’t really see them. Best of all, no more fleas from my neighbors yard.

        If you have trouble getting rid of fleas coming from the neighbors yard, you might want to try this.

        I learned this while getting rid of fleas in my apartment several years ago. Use finely milled flea powder for thick carpets. Before I learn about this, I follow the instruction on the bottle of flea powder I got from the pet shop. Somehow the powder was not very fine. I thought all flea powder came that way. Only later, I realized that the powder either had moisture in it or was not milled very fine.

        How does this affect your efforts to get rid of fleas? Well, if you carpets are thick and the granules are big, then the flea powder won’t get to the deep recesses of fibers. This means some fleas or the larvae or the egg might survive your onslaught.

        Fine flea powder also have a somewhat makes them cling to the carpet fibers thus they last a bit longer when you vacuum the carpet. Otherwise all your money is going down the vacuum cleaner.

        You can get type of flea powder if you have lots of think carpets in you home. This should ease your efforts for getting rid of fleas.

        Most people forget their car when they are getting rid of fleas from their home. Fleas get into your car through many means. If you carry you dog or cat in the car, just a short ride a few fleas would have hopped off. Even if you don’t carry your pet, fleas can get in when they cling to your clothes and after having bitten you, they drop of when you are in your car. Well, they could just about hitch a ride on anything that was in your home that you carry to your car.

        And it you park your car close to your home, the fleas can get there themselves without you carrying them. Perhaps your dog or cat took a nap under you car and the fleas got in from there. If I were you, I’ll park a bit further away. The further the better. Fleas like warmth and so they then to stick close to home. The carpet and interior of a car makes good hiding place for these pest.

        The same methods you use for your home, you can apply in your car. Flea powder like Organic Insect Control works fine with regular vacuuming the carpets and seats. The only thing you can’t do is to remove the whole interior and wash it.

        Off course you can use flea sprays and flea bombs but air out your car properly before you drive. Best tip – get the fleas early, then you won’t have to worry about getting rid of fleas from your car.

        Have you ever tried Capstar pills for getting rid of fleas? It is very effective to kill of fleas that is on your pet. Those who used it say that they were quite amaze to see flea death throes within a few hours. For a change, it is quite fun to see fleas tortured as they die. In case you are wondering, the pills are small, so you don’t have to force the pill into your pet and get fleas all over you.

        The downside of Capstar pills is that the effect wears off around 24 hours. So you have to use it in conjunction with flea treatment. The upside off course is that it give almost instant relive to you beloved dog or cat. There are also different dosage for different size of pets and from what most vets say, they are quite save for your pets for getting rid of fleas.